Quartz Scientific Glassblowing Ltd

Earl Howe Road

Holmer Green

High Wycombe


HP15 6PX

Laboratory Glassware


Quartz Scientific manufacure high quality laboratory glassware in Quartz and Borosilicate Glass.  Borosilicate Glass, also known as hard glass, is chemically almost inert.  It possess good thermal shock resistance and full dimensional  stability up to 500C  The Quartz material has total purity and will not contaminate at all, it is generally favoured for heating as it can withstand temperatures up to 1500 degrees.  We stock a large selection of Quartz Tubes, Rod and Plate, all of the Quartz we use is Semiconductor grade.  

Boats, Jigs & Prototypes

The manufacturing of prototypes and short run products from customer drawings is a specialised service which we provide.  This service is highly valued by industrial research and development departments, providing its users with access to unrivalled expertise and experience.  We produce many types of Quartz Jigs/Boats along with Windows, Plates, Plasma Torches and Trays.